Why Lars Sullivan Didn’t Lose His Last Match In NXT On His Way To The WWE Main Roster

Lars Sullivan is going to be a big deal whenever he lands on the WWE main roster. His promos are prepped with hype from Michael Cole before they air on RAW and everyone is waiting to see what he can do next. But during what could be his final NXT match which was against Keith Lee, Lars didn’t do the job on the way out in what could very well have been his last match on NXT television.

Bryan Alvarez had a caller ask about this during Wrestling Observer Live and he had a pretty plain explanation about why WWE decided not to let their future massive destructive heel take a loss on his way out of developmental.

“Lars Sullivan is going to be heading up to the main roster. There’s a bidding war for Lars Sullivan. Lars Sullivan, I don’t want to say he’s going to be the next Brock Lesnar but he’s going to be the next monster giant killer heel on the WWE main roster.”

“Keith Lee is, I mean I love Keith Lee but right now he’s a guy in developmental and he’s not getting called up anytime soon. Yeah if you wanted to you could argue that Lars Sullivan should do a job on the way out but sometimes people don’t do the job on the way out.”

Alvarez noted that Asuka didn’t job on her way out of NXT and she got a huge push up to WrestleMania where Charlotte Flair defeated her. Now Asuka has a chance to get some revenge at TLC. Sullivan is going to be a big deal on the WWE main roster and the wheels were in motion already for Sullivan to make his way up when the match against Keith Lee was taped, therefore WWE obviously had a plan and they wanted to get him up to Raw or SmackDown looking like a massive threat.

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