WWE Might Change The Young Bucks’ Name If They’re Able To Sign Them

WWE has full control over what happens during their television show that they don’t have full control of. It seems like every time we turn around they’re securing another part of the business and they know a thing or two about copyrights too. They have historically altered a Superstar’s name when they came into the company, but it seems like they might have moved away from this practice if their name is big enough already.

AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Matt Riddle, EC3, Adam Cole, Keith Lee, and others have gotten to keep their indie wrestling names, but not everyone is so lucky. It’s interesting how WWE seems to pick and choose, but a lot might have to do with the copyright on the name and who holds it.

The Young Bucks are one of the hottest teams in the pro wrestling world, and WWE could be prepared to offer them a lot of money for their services. But as Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live, even if Matt and Nick Jackson were interested, they might have to say goodbye to their tag team name if there is an issue of name ownership.

“If WWE signs the Young Bucks, if the Young Bucks have the trademark for ‘The Young Bucks,’ WWE may or may not allow them to be the Young Bucks.”

“Here’s a good example. Matt Hardy owns the trademark to Broken Matt Hardy — he owns them. Impact Wrestling gave them up and Matt Hardy procured them. Matt Hardy owns the trademark to the Broken Universe. WWE is having him do the exact same gimmick, however, he is Woken Matt Hardy. Because they want to own the trademark. They don’t want him to own the trademark, so it’s Woken Universe in WWE.”

It was noted that the Young Bucks owning the trademark to their indie name might cause WWE to be hesitant in letting them use that name on television. Then again, their names might be so big that WWE will just let him use them anyway.

Of course, it is probably a moot point to think about The Young Bucks showing up in WWE, especially with the possibility of an All Elite Wrestling promotion coming up soon. Cody Rhodes said the announcement is going to be bigger than we could imagine, and there have been some pretty big rumors already.

Only time will tell what happens next, but this could be another case of WWE wanting to own everything that goes through their company which might actually be a chief reason why The Elite might shy away from WWE in the first place.

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