Cody Rhodes Sends Out Message Looking For Unsigned Indie Wrestlers

You never know what could happen in pro wrestling and it appears as though Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks might be on to something big very soon. We have previously reported about a bunch of activity from Rhodes and The Bucks about AEW or All Elite Wrestling which they have filed trademarks for.

But the real question is getting a television deal. That would be the biggest obstacle they have to jump over, but maybe they have something in mind for that or at least some sort of media. Because Cody is asking for ideas on who they can have wrestle for them.

“Curious. Who are some of the hottest male/female independent acts not signed anywhere?” Cody wrote out on Twitter. So far he’s received a ton of great ideas from Leva Bates to Jervis Cottonbelly. So throw Cody a suggestion because apparently, they’re looking to fill some kind of a roster.

It is important to note that he’s looking for unsigned talent so he’s not looking to do anything with ROH or NJPW which could be a possible sign of something else as well. This story is likely to get much bigger before it slows down at all.