James Ellsworth had some pretty serious allegations come out about him on Friday afternoon when a 16-year-old fan said that he sent her explicit photos through Snapchat. At this point, as we exclusively reported police have not been contacted in the situation and Ellsworth’s victim wonders how the police would even be able to assist.
You can see the NSFW video that he allegedly sent his 16-year-old victim as we exclusively obtained the supposed footage. Yes, we censored it, but it’s clear that something was sent.
But as the story of Ellsworth continues on, it seems that more people are coming forward with similar stories. One fan tweeted out their own experience in their local indie scene where apparently people were “rejoicing” because Ellsworth’s tendencies have finally been exposed.

“I’m at an indy show now with people who have known him for years… we are all rejoicing because he’s finally been outed. Surprised it took so long.”

Evidence of another inappropriate message he sent in May 2013 where he tried to apparently comfort someone but it came off the completely wrong way due to his tactless and overly sexual approach.
It is important to note that Ellsworth has denied these allegations and his attorneys have called them “baseless” so we will have to wait and see what happens. But in the meantime, Ellsworth keeps losing work due to these allegations and as more people come out against him, these stories might get harder to deny.

Felix Upton

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