Alleged Victim In James Ellsworth Allegations: “WTF Are The Police Gonna Do?”

James Ellsworth found himself in the middle of serious allegations against him on Friday afternoon when a 16-year-old fan claimed that he sent her explicit photos over Snapchat.

Someone messaged James Ellsworth’s alleged victim saying: “She’s not gone to police because she’s lying. Also look at who she follows on Twitter. Lots of middle-aged wrestling fans. Girl has issues.”

This didn’t sit well with Kenzie and she replied back stating her reasoning for declining to get the proper authorities involved at this point. She said that Ellsworth “obviously has connection with lawyers, etc lawyers are being contacted from my side.” She also wondered what the police would be able to accomplish in a situation like this.

“Lol. Girl, there is proof everywhere. Wtf are the police gonna do that’s actually gonna accomplish anything. He obviously has connection w/ lawyers, etc. lawyers are being contacted from my side”

We will keep you updated on this ongoing situation as it develops. Ellsworth has denied these allegations and his attorneys issued a statement saying they were “baseless.”