The pro wrestling world is full of people who some fans might not life. Lufisto has been taking heat from AEW fans for a while, but it seems that she is used to it at this point.

AEW’s women’s division took lot of shots from Lufisto, as she aired out their dirty laundry in a big way. Lufisto jumpstarted a lot of that criticism when she shared some notes that she alleged came from the AEW locker room.

Lufisto claimed that, during an AEW meeting, “When some girls arranged a meeting to talk about Baker’s crew, one of them ran to Britt to let her know. The girls that wanted to address the problem were the ones punished.” Lufisto had to deactivate her X account for while, but she eventually came back.

Lufisto logged onto X and she updated fans about a recent slew of DMs she recently received. This hater has a lot to say, but it didn’t sound like she let it bother her too much.


“Here’s your ‘wrestling fan’ of the day… This one is pretty disgusting…”

This fan carried on the narrative of anger directed at Lufisto due to the comments she made about the AEW Women’s Division. It is possible that this hater was a Britt Baker fan instead.

“Lufisto is a stupid wrestling name Lufisto is a c*nt a whore a b*tch an ugly person and most importantly a f*cking liar, she is jealous she didn’t get a job in AEW.”

This hater went on to let Lufisto know that she didn’t make it in ROH, Impact, or WWE either. This hater really let Lufisto have it, and that’s only one of the rest hatful responses she’s received from the tribalism that is the pro wrestling fan base.

This message from Lufisto also included more screenshots from that hater. The hater went on to bring Mick Foley into the mix for some reason.

“F*ck you Lufisto you are Micky Foley’s b*tch you are a simp for him because he is a fat Hardcore sh*tty wrestler like you.”

“Go ahead and keep sucking Mick Foley’s d*ck in disgusting mouth.”

“The AEW locker room and MJF cooked your fat b*tch ass. They were all against you.”

MJF did go off on Lufisto after she dragged the AEW locker room. Lufisto went on to drag MJF in an open letter to Cash Wheeler. Obviously, there is a lot of heat there, and AEW fans are doing their own thing.

Lufisto hasn’t made her way to AEW, and it’s not likely that will happen any time soon. If anything, she is certainly getting some terrible DMs in the meantime.

What’s your take on these terrible DMs for Lufisto? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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