Jerry “The King” Lawler’s storied tenure with WWE has come to a close, marking the end of an era that began in December 1992 with his surprise debut on WWF Prime Time Wrestling. Reports surfaced that Lawler’s broadcasting contract with WWE was not renewed, signifying a departure from the company after decades of service. His contract expired at the onset of 2024.

While Lawler remains under Legends deal with WWE, recent reports shed light on his health challenges. Following stroke scare last year, compounded by paralysis preceding the stroke, Lawler has been on a path to recovery, including double knee surgery. However, his health issues persist, with mobility challenges and speech impairments impacting his daily life.

Ringside News reached out regarding Jerry Lawler’s exit from WWE and any potential involvement with AEW. According to our sources, Lawler’s health has taken a significant toll following a stroke.

Facing mobility issues and speech impairments, Lawler now requires aid for daily activities. This poses a substantial obstacle for his return to commentary duties at a substantial level.


Despite these challenges, optimism remains for Lawler’s future endeavors. Jim Ross, Lawler’s longtime colleague, expressed belief in potential reunion down the road. Whether this reunion occurs within the realm of professional wrestling or elsewhere remains uncertain.

As fans speculate about Lawler’s next steps, his health remains a primary concern. The wrestling community eagerly awaits updates on his well-being and potential career moves, hoping for the best for the legendary “King.”

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