While WWE has been celebrating immense success in the past few months, nobody has been able to digest the loss of Bray Wyatt. Throughout his career, the late former WWE Champion has been a nightmare for every star on the roster with his unique mind games staying rent free in all of his opponents’ heads. 

However, one instance of Wyatt being played out with mind games is unforgettable. Back in October 2020, while Bray Wyatt was portrayed as the Fiend, Retribution attacked him to send a statement to the whole roster with a clear message that they were above all. 

One of the faction’s stars, Mason Maddon (formerly known as Mace), sat in an interview with Ringside News’ Steve Fall recently and addressed Retribution’s attack on Wyatt. The former WWE star stated that he loved working with the Eater of the Worlds and was astonished to see the creative genius he was. 

“Well, so we had the honor of working a very cool angle with him. It was one of the cooler things, I mean you can count on one hand all the cool things Retribution did, but it was one of the cooler things that Retribution got to do was was working with Bray and Alexa. There was a like a like a comic book movie moment where they were standing in the ring like Joker and Harley Quinn holding hands and then Retribution, the lights go off, the lights go on, we’re circling them like sharks and I just remember just going over that segment and you know I knew Bray from before that but to work with him and see his mind work, he’s so he was so creative he was such a such a gift to wrestling honestly and just to see kind of him in the element I’ve you know dealt with him outside he’s always such a good dude outside but to see him you know in his craft was a whole another level.


When asked if Retribution’s storyline was going to go forward with Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss, Mace had nothing but dreams to have gone forward in the storyline with Wyatt.

“Well just seeing, just listening to like, “oh yeah if you do I think he made a recommendation that we circle around like sharks like he had he was very imaginative and imaginative,” and had like images in his mind that he wanted to get put forward right so he’s almost like a director like he’s directing a movie. Yeah, unfortunately that didn’t go on much further than I think he attacked us in the middle of a match maybe later that night but I would have loved to have been able to work with him for something more long term.”

While Bray Wyatt and Retribution’s story didn’t last longer than a night, a feud between both would have been worth watching. It could have been the moment the faction needed to elevate itself as a massive threat to the entire roster. Ringside News will keep you updated with the latest stories related to WWE. 

Do you think Bray Wyatt and Retribution’s storyline should have gone longer? Let us know in the comment section below.

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