It seems like exciting opportunities are on the horizon for Saraya as she is slated to make an appearance on an episode of MTV’s Catfish.

While details regarding filming dates and the episode’s air date remain undisclosed, fans can anticipate seeing Saraya’s involvement in the popular reality show, according to PWInsider. MTV’s Catfish is currently in its ninth season.

Saraya, who joined AEW in 2022, has already left her mark in the wrestling world as a former one-time AEW Women’s Champion. Although she has not competed since the February 7th episode of Rampage, where she participated in a tag team matchup, her talent and presence continues to captivate audiences.

Notably, Saraya was a member of The Outcasts, a group that has since disbanded, and has recently been working alongside Harley Cameron.


As Saraya ventures beyond the wrestling ring and delves into other realms of entertainment, fans eagerly anticipate seeing her on the small screen in MTV’s Catfish, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness her in a new and exciting environment.

What are your thoughts on Saraya’s upcoming appearance on MTV’s Catfish? Are you excited to see her venture into other realms of entertainment beyond wrestling? Let us know in the comments below.

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