AEW is getting a lot of attention right now, but it isn’t all great press. They were able to ink huge stars to new contracts, with The Elite sticking around, but the women’s division is apparently going through some hardship.

The subject of drama in AEW’s women’s division is not a new one. In fact, this issue has only escalated as time goes on. Lufisto might not be in AEW, but she is a beloved and trusted member of the pro wrestling world. She is also apparently someone who AEW talent has trusted with certain stories about what is really going on backstage.

Lufisto logged onto X and she dropped a few posts, adding even more fuel to the controversial fire that is currently raging in AEW’s women’s division. Apparently, there is a lot more drama going on than fans realize, complete with meetings to talk about “Britt Baker’s crew,” which she was tipped off about.

In the end, there is concern within the AEW women’s division that Tony Khan has lost touch of what fans want to see. The thought is also out there that TK is going to turn his company’s women’s division back into the Divas Era.


When some girls arranged a meeting to talk about Baker’s crew, one of them ran to Britt to let her know. The girls that wanted to address the problem were the ones punished. Things didn’t better. They got worst The legitimate wrestlers believe Tony doesn’t give a damn about women’s wrestling and feel like they are going back to the Divas era. Ask me who the f*ck am I. Tell me I’m irrelevant and that I’m doing this for attention. Call me a liar. Tell me to kill myself.

You keep on closing your eyes and supporting human beings with sh*tty behaviour. With the messages of support and especially this phone call I received from AEW employees… This nobody did the right thing.

WWE’s Divas Era is remembered for many reasons, and they aren’t all for the best. Obviously, they were able to create a few moments during that time, but the modern version of women’s wrestling in WWE has proven to be much more popular with fans.

Only time will tell if Tony Khan can correct the ship, because there is apparently some serious opposition to his booking decisions. For more on this story, and many more, please stay tuned with us here at Ringside News as we continue monitoring this ongoing story.

What’s your take on what Lufisto had to say about the AEW women’s division? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think about things!

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