AEW has a lot of eyes on them, and a new controversy recently erupted as it was reported that there is a certain amount of discontent over how the women’s division is booked. Lufisto led the charge, and at a safe distance while not under AEW contract, she had a lot to say.

In case you need a refresher, Lufisto tweeted out several messages about how the AEW women’s division is being mistreated. She also claimed that talent told her all about what is going on with Britt Baker’s own version of Mean Girls backstage with Tony Khan facilitating the environment.

When some girls arranged a meeting to talk about Baker’s crew, one of them ran to Britt to let her know. The girls that wanted to address the problem were the ones punished. Things didn’t better. They got worst The legitimate wrestlers believe Tony doesn’t give a damn about women’s wrestling and feel like they are going back to the Divas era. Ask me who the f*ck am I. Tell me I’m irrelevant and that I’m doing this for attention. Call me a liar. Tell me to kill myself.

You keep on closing your eyes and supporting human beings with sh*tty behaviour. With the messages of support and especially this phone call I received from AEW employees… This nobody did the right thing.


After all of her tweets going after AEW yesterday, Indie Wrestling Hall of Famer Lufisto deleted her Twitter account. Fans who try to tag her are now met with a “cannot be found” reply.

MJF, and many more, destroyed Lufisto on social media over her comments. She did not waiver from her stance at all, but now she has decided to leave the platform totally in order to avoid this backlash.

Lufisto made reference to how this tribalism in pro wrestling caused some fans to suggest that she end her own life. There is no excuse for this to a response for any reason, and we have to feel bad that some fans took things too far. This is why some states have laws against messages like that.

We will have to see if Lufisto returns to X, because fans aren’t likely to forget about this. Hopefully, she will find another platform to tell her story, and one that won’t be as toxic.

What’s your take on Lufisto leaving X? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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