There have been numerous names in WWE who have made their way to glory. While some had a lot of advantages while getting in the squared circle, some had to work a lot before getting the opportunity. From LA Knight to Sheamus, numerous big names in the industry made their way to the top while starting as a security guard. 

Former WWE superstar, Mace (now known as Mason Madden), had a similar story. He was also a part of the WWE’s security team for a small period of time before getting ahead and becoming a renowned superstar, However, Mace had already been in the ring in the past in the independent circuit before landing a job in WWE as a security guard. 

In an exclusive interview with Ringside News’ Steve Fall, Mace addressed his beginning in WWE as a security guard and was clearly not very cool with it. The star called it a distraction  in his career and was never happy to do it while training in the company. 

“They’d have us work security, and you know, I wasn’t, uh, it’s not like I was doing nothing before I was in WWE. So that was also a bit of a distraction. Sometimes when I was wanding people at the door, they were like, ‘Oh, that’s… I know you, like, I’m just a security guard.’ Funny thing is, nobody knew that, uh, it was just kind of part of the job because they’d be like, ‘Hey, when are you going to get in the ring?’ and I’d be like, ‘Well, I don’t know.'”


“So, obviously, things have changed since the pandemic. I don’t think they do those, uh, they call them Coconut Loops, nearly as much. I think they do them like every other week, yeah, and mostly in select venues. So, um, I’m not sure exactly what the layout is there anymore, but, um, I imagine they have a lot of people there, so it’s like a lot of worker ants that are able to do stuff for them.”

While Mace had to work as a security guard before getting on WWE TV as a professional wrestler, his run in the company wasn’t any short of entertaining and exciting. Ringside News will keep you posted with the latest news related to WWE. 

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Ishaan Rathi

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