Diamond Dallas Page recently engaged in a conversation with Chris Van Vliet, where he discussed a critical turning point in his career and the subsequent creation of his groundbreaking fitness system, DDP Yoga.

DDP’s wrestling journey took an unexpected turn in 2002 due to a neck injury that ultimately led to the end of his in-ring career.

During his conversation with Chris Van Vliet, Dallas shared the chilling account of a doctor’s revelation about the severity of his neck condition. The doctor pointed out that had DDP landed slightly differently during a match, he could have suffered paralysis. This eye-opening experience prompted DDP to reevaluate his priorities and underscored the importance of his physical well-being.

“I go back about my neck, and [the doctor] goes, ‘Let me show you something.’ And he shows me how bad my neck is. He goes, ‘You were so lucky, if you’d have landed a little right or a little left, you’d be a quadriplegic right now. You would be done.’”


After the wrestling chapter of his life came to a close, DDP encountered yet another setback – a serious back injury. The wrestling icon’s determination to overcome this obstacle led him to develop a unique fitness regimen that combined elements of yoga, rehabilitation techniques, and dynamic resistance. This fusion eventually evolved into what is now known as DDP Yoga.

DDP’s foray into creating DDP Yoga was fueled by his own experience of defying the odds and recovering from injuries that could have prematurely ended his active lifestyle. The program’s effectiveness was evident when DDP’s spine specialist, who initially believed his wrestling career was over, witnessed the remarkable recovery DDP had achieved in a matter of months. Impressed by the progress, the specialist encouraged DDP to continue his practices.

“When my spine guy, who first guided me when I blew my back out and broke my back, he goes, ‘You’re done.’ Three months later, because of what would become [DDP Yoga] I went back to him, he’s like, ‘I’ve never seen this recovery ever, what did you do?’ I told him and I showed him and he goes, ‘Don’t stop doing that, keep doing whatever the f*** you’re doing.’”

This journey of transformation has not only rejuvenated DDP’s own physical health but has also extended to thousands of individuals who have embraced DDP Yoga.

How does Diamond Dallas Page’s journey from a career-ending injury to creating DDP Yoga inspire you to overcome obstacles and embrace positive change in your own life? Leave us a comment.

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