Join us for live, continuous updates on AEW’s Double or Nothing media conference this morning, as Tony Khan discusses the upcoming AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tony Khan expressed gratitude to all those who participated in the media call.

When questioned about the possibility of a brand split for AEW Collision, Dynamite, and other shows, Tony Khan acknowledged the audience’s curiosity and their desire to generate intrigue about the future of the AEW roster following the upcoming PPV. While he expressed interest in exploring this concept, he refrained from making any definite commitments at that moment.

Regarding any new television deals, Khan stated that the duration of the term remained unchanged. Additionally, Collision was an addition to their existing lineup, as Warner had approached AEW and offered them the opportunity to include it.


When questioned about the advantages and challenges of scheduling events on Saturday nights, Tony Khan expressed his belief that Saturday nights present a fantastic opportunity for AEW. He emphasized that Saturday night is the optimal time for live shows and ticket sales. AEW has secured excellent venues for their events and is thrilled about the potential that Saturday nights offer. They aim to generate a tremendous amount of excitement and establish Saturday nights as a must-see experience. The announcement of The United Center in Chicago has already generated significant anticipation, and Khan hinted at more exciting venue announcements to come.

When questioned about Taya Valkyrie joining the roster, Tony Khan commended her as an exceptional wrestler with an impressive presence both inside and outside the ring. He emphasized that Valkyrie has posed the most significant challenge to Jade Cargill thus far, highlighting her impact on the AEW roster.

Tony Khan revealed that Jamie Hayter is currently dealing with an injury. He mentioned that AEW has been actively acknowledging and discussing her injury on their television programming. Despite the injury, Hayter has demonstrated her determination and expressed her willingness to compete this Sunday.

When inquired about the scheduling of future pay-per-view events and the possibility of going head-to-head with the NFL on Saturdays, Tony Khan acknowledged that he prefers not to directly compete with the NFL. He mentioned that they had experimented with a Ring of Honor pay-per-view in December but didn’t provide a direct response regarding the future scheduling of AEW pay-per-view events.

When asked about Sabu, Tony Khan indicated that it is likely a one-off appearance for him at Double or Nothing. However, if the appearance goes well, there could be potential for Sabu to return for additional guest appearances in the future. Khan expressed openness to the idea of Sabu coming back down the line. He also shared a personal anecdote about his father texting him earlier in the day, reminiscing about how they had attended a Sabu vs. Chris Jericho match in ECW when Tony was just 13 years old.

Regarding the AEW title bout on Sunday, Khan mentioned that they are featuring four talents who were not widely recognized on a national level when they started. However, AEW believed in their potential to become stars for the company and provided them with opportunities to grow, including working with legends such as Sting, Chris Jericho, and Cody Rhodes. Khan noted that this match is, in many ways, the biggest match of their careers thus far for these talents.

When questioned about the absence of announcements regarding Collision, Tony Khan explained that he has intentionally hyped up the shows while keeping certain details under wraps. He revealed that Dark and Dark – Elevation have concluded as part of the agreement with Warner Bros. Discovery, and this secrecy is designed to create anticipation among the audience. Khan expressed confidence in the strong sales expected for the United Center event, which he believes will generate momentum for other shows in the future.

When questioned about NXT going head-to-head with Double or Nothing, Tony Khan stated that he doesn’t mind competition as long as it is ethical. He expressed his belief that some past moves made by others in the industry have been unethical.

Regarding his support staff creatively, Khan praised several individuals for their contributions, including Sonjay Dutt, BJ Whitmer, Pat Buck, and others who have provided valuable assistance.

Khan regarded the AEW Revolution 2023 pay-per-view as one of the best he has ever seen. He mentioned that the Forbidden Door concept has presented numerous ideas that he is considering, but one challenge is finding ways to incorporate all these great ideas within the constraints of the four-hour pay-per-view window.

When asked about the possibility of moving next year’s event to the MSG Sphere, Tony Khan expressed unfamiliarity with the venue but highlighted their satisfaction with the T-Mobile Arena as a great venue for their current events. However, he expressed interest in learning more about the MSG Sphere and acknowledged the need to study it further before making any decisions.

Regarding the potential for more pay-per-view events, Khan noted that there is indeed potential, but it must align with the right economic situation for AEW and also be in the best interest of the fans. He mentioned that the launch of AEW Collision provides an opportunity to explore and consider additional events, as long as it makes sense within their relationship with Warner Bros. Discovery. Khan added that in recent months, their relationship with WBD has been the strongest it has been since the beginning of their partnership.

Regarding Sting, Tony Khan stated that he will continue to keep him active in AEW as long as Sting wants to be involved. Khan expressed gratitude for Sting’s contributions to the company, noting that his presence adds value to every aspect, especially with the expansion of AEW’s TV shows. Khan praised Sting as a great person and emphasized that when the time comes for Sting’s last match, they would want to make it a significant event, as it would be one of the biggest moments in pro wrestling. He clarified that they would not exploit Sting’s retirement for short-term gain because he believes Sting’s impact on the company is truly remarkable.

In regards to the new series’ announce team decision, Tony Khan mentioned that he has considered various options in the past, including individuals like Veda Scott, Kevin Kelly, and the current ROH broadcast team. Specifically addressing Veda Scott, he praised her as an excellent announcer.

When asked about Willow Nightingale and Mercedes Mone, Tony Khan acknowledged that Willow’s recent victory could be considered an upset as she capitalized on her opponent’s injury. Khan revealed that they had plans for Willow, which is why he sent her to the tournament when NJPW asked for a top star. He noted that Willow has come a long way, citing her match against Athena as one of the best one-on-one matches since he took over the brand.

Regarding Mercedes Mone, Khan stated that only he and Mercedes know the details of her future plans, including whether she will appear exclusively for NJPW or also in AEW. He emphasized that no one else knows when she will be back, except for Mercedes herself.

When questioned about the broadcast capabilities for All In: London and All Out, Khan mentioned that he couldn’t provide a comprehensive answer at the moment as they are still working on the event’s solution and how they will offer it. However, he expressed confidence that All In: London is on track to become the biggest wrestling event of all time in England.

Tony Khan mentioned that Ring of Honor TV provides an opportunity for him to bring in top independent wrestlers for appearances and tryouts. He highlighted that ROH TV offers compelling rivalries, championship matches, and other elements that differ from AEW Dark and Elevation.

Khan expressed his anticipation for a successful show this Sunday and his desire to maintain that momentum throughout the summer and fall. He emphasized the significance of All In: London, considering it a highly anticipated event. Khan expressed his excitement for the upcoming show this weekend, believing it will be a fantastic pay-per-view. He acknowledged the pressure he feels during media calls, as both the audience and the media have high expectations for great wrestling. Khan assured that they will deliver on that expectation for Double or Nothing and expressed gratitude to everyone for their coverage. This concluded the call.

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