WWE has seen several second and third generation Superstars come through the company at this point. It never hurts to have family in the business, because they can certainly help you get a foot in the door. D-Von Dudley’s sons have still not given up on that hope.

Terrence and Terrell Hughes are sons of WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley. During his tenure as an NXT coach, D-Von Dudley revealed that he was actively training his sons, preparing them for potential future runs in the WWE.

That being said, after D-Von Dudley’s WWE departure from the company in January 2023, he cautioned his sons about the internal challenges and uncertainties they might encounter within the WWE.

In a recent interview on Straight Talk Wrestling, Terrence and Terrell Hughes confirmed that they have maintained regular communication with the current WWE coaching staff. This ongoing connection suggests that the brothers are dedicated to their wrestling aspirations and are actively seeking guidance and support from those within the industry. Terrell spoke at length about their current WWE status.


“I mean, no matter what, we always stay in contact with some of the coaches there (at WWE). I send matches to them via email.

“So we’ve had a couple tryouts, we’ve gotten feedback. Now, me and my brother are approaching the age where this is the age where Bubba and D-Von (Dudley) got into WWE.

“So now this the point in time where me and my brother are looking at, hey, where can we go? What can we do? I’m hoping, looking at 2023 as a year that we take that next step. But there is communication as of right now.”

Terrence also opened up about the subject as he said, “Looking back, I look back at some of my older first matches or even four or five years in, and I don’t think I would’ve been ready then, and my dad always points that out, so I’m glad. I think right now, we’re at a perfect age, a perfect spot in our career where it would be a good time now. So, I mean, you never know.”

Terrence went on to say, “Like he said, all the coaches, we’ve known since we were four years old, five years old so we see ‘em in passing. My dad talks to them so that relationship with us is always there so we’re always in talks so I don’t know, we’ll see, we’ll see what happens.”

We will have to see if D-Von Dudley’s sons make their way to WWE eventually. It seems that they are still in contact with the world’s largest pro wrestling company, so that’s a very good start.

What’s your take on D-Von Dudley’s sons making it in WWE? Do you think they have it in them to be the next Dudley Boyz? Sound off in the comments!

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