The Dudley Boys are one of the greatest tag teams in the history of pro wrestling. Having fought in numerous promotions, The Dudleys won tag team championships in almost every promotion they wrestled. The last time the two wrestled together as a tag team was in 2016 at the independent circuit. All that circled around to D-Von Dudley taking on a backstage role with WWE for years, but that came to a sudden end.

D-Von Dudley worked as a producer for WWE after the Dudley Boys stint at Independent Circuit, whereas Bully Ray wrestled at the ROH, NWA and is currently a part of Impact Wrestling. Earlier this year, D-Von Dudley announced that he had departed from WWE, thereby ending his term as a producer.

During a recent interview with Bill Apter, D-Von Dudley revealed the reason for his departure from the company. He declared that he wished to follow his own interests and needed to grow individually.

“I love those guys and I think they’re tremendous people. I love how they welcomed me into the family and took care of me for so many years. But, just like your parents, not saying they look at me like my parents, you always have to go away from the nest and do your own thing. It’s time to grow up.”

The Dudley Boys reunion is something that is talked by fans all around the world. Fans want to see the Hall of Famers perform in the ring one more time in future. However, Bully Ray recently stated that the idea of them performing in the ring might not be possible as D-Von’s body isn’t on the level to compete in the ring.

D-Von Dudley, in the same interview with Bill Apter of SK Wrestling stated that the possibility of fans getting to see the Dudley Boys in the ring again, provided that his doctor clears him to wrestle again in the ring.

What’s your take on the Dudley Boyz possible return? Were you surprised that D-Von Dudley left WWE? Sound off in the comments!

Rahul Amare

Rahul has been an avid fan of wrestling since he was 9 years old. His earliest memories of wrestling are from the attitude era. He pursues content writing since he is passionate about watching WWE. Bret Hart, Daniel Bryan, and Chris Jericho are three of Rahul's favorite wrestlers. He is also a passionate supporter of the Indian cricket team and a movie buff.

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