Tessa Blanchard was the first-ever women’s World Champion in Impact Wrestling after she defeated Sami Callihan to kickoff 2020. Controversy exploded surrounding Blanchard around that time, and it had a domino effect. It has been over three years since then and her reputation hasn’t gotten any better. However, it seems Blanchard’s issues which stemmed from her controversial remarks have finally been resolved.

Tessa Blanchard was previously deemed to be “nuclear” following several stories of backstage abuse. She began working in WOW Women of Wrestling, but even there, she had huge fallout. Things only got worse for her from there.

For those who are not aware, Tessa Blanchard was called out in big way one day before her winning the Impact Wrestling World Title. It opened up a can of worms that ended up creating a lot of controversy.

During a trip in Japan, Tessa Blanchard called pro wrestler La Rosa Negra a racial slur before spitting on her. This was something that Negra later said she didn’t ask for an apology for as Blanchard herself denied the allegation.


Tessa Blanchard was also released by WOW Women of Wrestling and things simply got worse for her from there. That being said, it seems Blanchard buried the hatchet with La Rosa Negra as the latter took to Twitter and uploaded a photo of herself along with Blanchard.

We are human and our responsibility in this world is to do better and/or be a better person to those around us. Being a good person at heart is not said, it is expressed naturally!!!! #love is the #calm Be #patient #boricualegacy #boricualegend #mazukamba #prowrestlers #🤝 1

Tessa Blanchard also posted a picture of herself along with La Rosa Negra, with a similar message of reconciliation. The two were all smiles in the photos, making it evident that they have buried the hatchet.

Time, growth, and healing. Una imagen vale mas que mil palabras.

We will have to wait and see what the future has in store for Tessa Blanchard. While it’s great to see that Blanchard is making amends for what she had done in the past, perhaps it’s too little too late for her now.

What’s your take on what Tessa Blanchard did? Do you think she is finally becoming a better person? Sound off in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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