Tessa Blanchard has wrestled only one match in the last two years, losing the Warrior Wrestling Title to Kylie Rae in the fall of 2020. It is now the belief with some in WOW Wrestling that Tessa is no longer with the company, but it is not confirmed. If company insiders are to be believed, WOW Women of Wrestling is already having problems.

Fightful Select was informed of allegations about issues surrounding Tessa Blanchard and WOW via sources who work for WOW in a talent capacity. This came after the brand looked to serve as a rehabilitation project for her. Following Blanchard’s deactivation of her social media accounts, WOW sources said that there has been some tension between the two parties.

We do not know her status for this week’s WOW tapings, but that will likely paint a broader picture. The issue within verifying the information is that many of the people who work for WOW have signed non-disclosure agreements and fear backlash from the company or Blanchard when speaking out. Based on those we’ve spoken to, many within WOW seem to think both have more power within wrestling than they actually do.

According to one source, Blanchard made joke about wrestler Samantha Sage, also known as Americana, during a class in mid-April. According to reports, Blanchard tore apart Sage’s promo, prompting many trainees to speak up. According to the source, acting classes were cancelled until further notice.


At least one trainee was told that Blanchard would be less involved in the future, but this has yet to be confirmed. Fightful contacted Sage but did not receive a response. According to another source, Tessa Blanchard is no longer in charge of talent development, and Selina Majors has been reassigned to that role.

Another anonymous source stated, “If you like Tessa, you should learn Spanish,” implying that she would be required to work in Mexico. Fightful contacted WOW in an official capacity several weeks ago but have yet to hear back. WOW’s plans changed dramatically last fall, and we’ll tell you more about it in the coming days.

As Bodyslam.net previously reported, AEW and NXT won’t touch Blanchard, because she’s “nuclear.” Now it appears she might have burned another bridge.

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