WOW is relaunching, and Tessa Blanchard’s name is attached once again. This made news a few weeks ago, that after quite the hiatus, the promotion would return. Among many other female wrestlers like AJ Mendez, Tessa Blanchard was linked to the promotion and present (in full wrestling gear) at the press conference held at the time.

Of course Tessa’s name has been scathed in controversy for plethora of reasons. It was while she was at Impact Wrestling that she was granted an opportunity to become Impact World Champion in the men’s division, defeating Sami Callihan that her name took a bit of a dive.

Firstly, she wouldn’t return their belt when she was released from the company and second, she was accused of using a racial slur backstage. These accusations were severe enough to garner her the title of persona non grata in many promotions. Despite the fact that there were rumors of her joining AEW, or perhaps going to WWE, it would seem that no promotion would touch her with a ten foot pole. Cassidy Haynes of reported that she is viewed as “nuclear” by AEW and WWE.

Now her involvement in WOW changes that of course. The controversy doesn’t stop there. La Rose Negra, who was the recipient of Blanchard’s apparent slur, was apparently involved in a pitch to work for the promotion. The capacity on what basis is not yet known according to Fightful Select.


The possibilities for this would be endless. They could have them work together in an angle, one where the real life situation is brought to life. It was also reported that it is unclear whether any such angle will take place right now. The possibility of it being done on social media alone also apparently came up, but nothing is yet set in stone.

The only thing that was hinted at was, of course, the conversation and the apparent offer on the table, which is interesting enough for the time being. We’ll stay on top of the story as developments come to light right here at Ringside News.

The accusations were very serious, La Rose Negra confirmed that Blanchard called her the N-Word and proceeded to spit in her face. Then La Rosa punched Blanched in the nose as hard as she could.

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Domenic Marinelli

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