During their tenure in WWE as The Revival, FTR gained recognition as NXT Tag Team Champions, competing against highly skilled teams. Although they won a few titles on the main roster, the duo became dissatisfied with their position in the company. As a result, they were released in 2020 and signed with AEW, where they have established themselves as one of the top tag teams in the world of professional wrestling. While their status in pro wrestling remains uncertain, it seems Harwood noted how Cody Rhodes’ WWE push made FTR reevaluate their future.

During a recent interview, Dax was asked about how he felt regarding the way that WWE has been pushing Cody Rhodes. In response, he admitted that it would be a complete lie to say that it doesn’t affect his thinking, given the situation that arose with AEW and Cody.

As it was publicly known, WWE had the opportunity to snatch up Cody and utilize him in any way they saw fit, as he wouldn’t have been able to return to AEW. However, upon seeing the way that WWE has taken Cody seriously and allowed him to become a big star, Dax and Cash Wheler found themselves analyzing the situation more than they would have before.

Dax went on to commend WWE for doing a great job with Cody and acknowledged that Cody himself has also done a great job with the opportunities he has been given. It’s not just about being given an opportunity, but it’s also about what one does with it. Cody has certainly taken advantage of the opportunities presented to him and has worked hard to build his own success.


Dax even revealed that he is very close with Cody and they speak on a weekly basis. He expressed his pride in Cody’s accomplishments and feels that Cody is also proud of their team’s accomplishments.

“If I told you no, then that’d be a complete lie because it was pretty out in the open what happened with AEW and Cody. So WWE could have snatched him up and really done whatever they wanted to because he wouldn’t be able to come back to AEW. But seeing that they took him seriously and they have allowed him to be a big star definitely had me and Cash analyzing it way more than we would have before.

They’ve done a great job with him and Cody has done a great job with himself too. He’s been given the opportunities, but it’s all about what you do with the opportunities because he could have been given an opportunity and just squandered it. But he believes in himself, man. I’m very, very close with Cody. We talk probably, at the very least we talk once a week, and I’m very proud of him, and I’m sure he’s proud of us as well. But yes, it definitely made us reevaluate the things we could possibly do in the future.”

The former Revival has been able to keep fans interested in their contract status for years now, no matter which company they’re working for. It remains to be seen what they will end up doing in April.

What’s your take on FTR? Would WWE just break them up if they came back? Sound off in the comments!

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