AEW and WWE have their eyes on the same free agent pool, but that doesn’t mean they book everyone in the same way once they sign on the dotted line. A lot of things can affect a booking decision in pro wrestling, and we’re seeing two very important stories play out for different companies.

Dragon Lee signed with WWE and is now part of their NXT brand. On the AEW side of things, they just inked a deal with Bandido and brought him in. Now, we get to see what’s next for each wrestler in their perspective companies.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Dragon Lee is “banking” on not being around NXT for long, so he can make real money. It will also be very interesting to pay attention to how he is booked, especially considering how AEW is treating Bandido right now.

So, the one thing when I saw him is that Dragon Lee and Bandido are basically starting at the same time [for different companies], and both are equally talented. They’re both super talented guy. I think Bandido has more charisma, but Dragon Lee is almost the same, and it will just be interesting over the next year to see who made the best choice.

Because Dragon Lee is gonna get a lot of TV time, but he’s also banking on the idea of making it to the main roster in one year and making money. In NXT, not that he’s gonna starve, but it’s not big money. Bandido, who has a regular contract [with AEW], who is making more money than Dragon Lee, I’m sure, but is he gonna be used in a meaningful fashion over the next year? That’s a question.

It was noted that Bandido is contracted with AEW, but “the only place I see him wrestling in the United States is GCW.” Obviously, there they have a long way to go before a year is up, but it will be interesting to note.

We’ll have to see what the pro wrestling landscape looks like in a year’s time. Obviously, WWE and AEW have a competition between them, but they might also be competing in ways they didn’t realize as fans compare different signings to each other.

What’s your take on WWE and AEW fighting over talent? Is WWE or AEW the safer bet nowadays? Sound off in the comments section.

Transcription by Ringside News

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