Bandido impressed fans throughout his career, and that is a big reason why AEW had him compete against Chris Jericho on Dynamite last month. Bandido’s contract status after that was always a topic of discussion, and that’s why he finally signed with AEW. Bandido also signed a multi-year deal for limited dates.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed Bandido’s official contract with AEW on Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Bandido signed 3-year deal with AEW. He opted not to go to WWE simply because he wanted to be with his family more. WWE would have wanted him to move to Florida, and he didn’t want to make that move.

It’s a three-year deal. It’s for limited, not limited dates, I don’t know the number, it migth be 60, it might be 80 — and for AEW, how many people do 60 matches a year or 80? I don’t think there’s anyone doing that, although maybe going forward if they do more house shows maybe they will be doing that. The kep of that is his girlfriend lives in Mexico and she doesn’t want to go to the United States. She’s got a baby, so it’s a no-brainer, big money deal. WWE wanted him, of course, but WWE would have wanted him to move to Florida and he didn’t want to make that move.

The former ROH World Champion has already become very desirable talent after his performance as well. Bandido recently wrestled in Japan, Mexico, and Belgium. AEW is Bandido’s third televised US-based organization this year, following Impact Wrestling and MLW.


Bandido will be competing for PWG on Sunday in a trios match with Aramis and Komander against Latigo, Arez, and Black Taurus. We will have to wait and see how Bandido will be booked in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest news and updates.

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