The history between two halves of WWE’s 4 Horsewomen, Becky Lynch and Bayley, goes back to their days as upcoming talents in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. The duo has been embroiled in a heated rivalry for months now and will settle their scores at WrestleMania 39. However, Lynch recently shut down Bayley when she claimed that she has supported Becky along the way.

Bayley recently posted a throwback video from WrestleMania 35 on Twitter. She watched Becky Lynch participate in the main event of the show alongside Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey and sent out a message that she has supported Becky for a long time and knows every move of the former Women’s champion.

“I’ve supported you in your highest of highs and through your painful lows. From there in person to see you main event, to the hospital for your broken nose. I know what feeds your ego & what traumatizes you…..your strengths & weaknesses…..I was there…. 🤭😏🤡 #WrestleMania.”

The Man would certainly not agree with the Role Model’s comments and fired back on Twitter. Becky Lynch stated that Bayley had always been jealous of her success and always desired the top spot that Lynch rightfully earned.

“You stood in the crowd wanting everything I worked for- but never had the balls to separate yourself from the crowd to go get. And you’ve attacked me every chance you got since then. You know nothing about me. If you did, you’d know you can’t win.”

At WrestleMania 35, Becky Lynch picked up the win in a huge triple threat match in the main event to win both RAW and SmackDown Women’s championships. However, Bayley ended up on the losing end that night, as she and Sasha Banks lost their WWE Women’s tag team titles to the IIconics in a Fatal-4 way tag team match.

Becky Lynch and Bayley will be standing on opposite sides at WrestleMania 39. The Man will team up with WWE Hall of Famers, Trish Stratus and Lita to battle The Role Model and her Damage CTRL squad, Dakota Kai and IYO Sky in a massive six-person tag team match.

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