Monday Night Raw this week ended on a high note with the WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus making a return and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship changing hands. Lita and Becky Lynch challenged Damage CTRL for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship and won the titles. Although Bayley meddled in the match, she was fended off by a returning Trish Stratus. That was a call that Becky Lynch and Lita are glad they made.

In a Digital Exclusive, The new WWE Women Tag Team Champions were questioned whether they had Trish Stratus up their sleeve all along. Lita noted how Damage CTRL had been playing the numbers game all this time, so she decided to even the odds by calling in a friend.

“I’ve seen what Bayley has been doing and how the numbers game has caught up to Becky for months on end at this point, so [we] put a plan together, and there was one person on the list.”

Becky Lynch humorously remarked that she was thankful for Lita as she didn’t have friends to call in.


“Thankfully, Lita has a friend because I don’t think I have many friends [laughs].”

To this, Stratus retorted that she and Becky Lynch were friends. Obviously, it’s all in good fun and they are allies this time around.

“Now we’re friends right? I have to prove myself to you or something.”

Becky Lynch noted how this was a surreal moment for her. She noted the immense contributions Lita and Stratus made for women’s wrestling.

For me, this is really surreal because these two women because these two women changed the game for all of us to be able to do what we do, for me to be main-event WrestleMania, it all started with these two being the first two to main-event on Raw. Tonight, the fact that we had both of them here, in the main event of Raw, and so that we were able to walk out as the tag team champions, it means a lot to me. I think 15-year-old me wouldn’t believe this, and I barely can right now.

Lita acknowledged the full circle moment and how she made preparations beforehand. Lita revealed that she was wearing the original prototypes for the Lita armbands, although they were a bit worn out.

It’s feeling really surreal to me. I don’t know if you had one of the Lita arm bands at 15-year-old you, but this was one of the original prototypes that they made the Lita armbands from. So I wore it. It’s a little worse for wear at this point, but it felt appropriate to bring the full-circle moment to this main event on Raw. We called our shot, and this never works. I never call my shot and it works. I call my shot, and they’re like, ‘No.’

Trish Stratus’ return took many by surprise. Even pop star Cardi B commented on Stratus’ return. For more updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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