WWE saw a huge change when Vince McMahon “retired” from the company, only to make a hostile return a few months later. This was followed by heavy sales talks, and Tony Khan is certainly paying close attention. After all, he has enough money to make a lot of things happen.

There are a few companies said to be interested in buying WWE. Saudi Arabia is also in the mix, along with Endeavor, UFC’s parent company. However, Comcast might be out of the running.

While speaking to Mark Hoke on the Mark Hoke Show, Tony Khan was asked about his interest in the WWE sale process. He was not ashamed to admit that he would be interested in getting his hands in the mix too.

“I don’t know exactly what will happen there. I’ve been told, and I think they’ve said publicly, that there may be a sale process. If there is a sale process, certainly I’m interested in it and potentially being involved in it. We’ll have to see what that process is, and who exactly they’ll let get involved in it. Certainly, I’m interested in it very much.”

The fact that Comcast pulled out of WWE sales talks could hurt the company’s attempt in securing a huge deal. Then again, whoever ponies up the dough for WWE will need to be a multimedia company, or have extensive knowledge in how that system operates. The fact is that Vince McMahon’s company still won’t come cheap.

A lot of things could happen to derail this sale. Vince McMahon altered the company’s bylaws to saw that he can make any decision he likes without shareholders’ approval, too. Only time will tell if WWE can sell by the middle of 2023 as they initially projected.

We’ll keep a close eye on this subject, and everything else going on in the pro wrestling world, right here at Ringside News.

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Felix Upton

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