There is a time-honored saying that “anything can happen in WWE.” The company is surely living up to expectations amidst the official return of Vince McMahon back to power, and the potential sale of the company, which they are eyeing to finalize by the middle of this year.

The ultimate fiasco began with Vince McMahon being reinstated to the WWE Board of Directors, with his aim to sell off the company to some of the biggest players in the world, being his prime reason to return.

However, right after Stephanie McMahon’s resignation from WWE as co-CEO and Chairwoman, and Vince McMahon’s subsequent return as Executive Chairman, reports suggest Saudi Arabia has become the front-runner to purchase the global juggernaut. A sale hasn’t gone through yet, and there are a few players, including UFC’s parent company, Endeavor.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE is looking to be sold by the middle of the year. Nick Khan was in LA on Monday, and he met with some “heavy-hitters” that could grease the wheels for a future sale. Two of those big names in business happened to be the CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, and Jimmy Pitaro, the CEO of ESPN.


“Several media companies…You know the names who all are on the hunt…Nick Khan was in Los Angeles when I was in Los Angeles…One hotel over from me…didn’t know it at the time. Nick Khan went to football game Monday night, so he wasn’t on RAW, and he met with some heavy hitters, cause heavy hitters went to the college football championship game. Bob Iger , Jimmy Pitaro so, I guess those names will ring some bells.”

“They are looking to sell by the middle of the year. JPMorgan is helping them….Saudi would be the one where they would actually…I think you see only one key people….as far as the thing that they want to go private…you know that would be the one…the other ones are all public companies, Endeavor obviously is also in the hunt…and you know…there will…there will be a decision made at some point and…you know there is definitely smoke…smoke to the Saudi Arabia story, but it’s early…It’s too early for the deal to be finalized.”

It seems that other business giants are considering a WWE purchase, and Vince McMahon might consider that. However, with his past relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, his agenda to regain creative control, and make WWE private entity, Vince McMahon has a few options, including the Saudis.

Do you think Saudi Arabia will indeed purchase WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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