Every young pro wrestling fan who dreams to make it big in the industry often attend live events. The love for the business and desire to make a name is what pushes them to pursue the dream of ultimate glory in the hardcore world of professional wrestling. That was also the case with the current AEW champion MJF, who attend a past WWE event and knew that this is what he would do with his life.

MJF was in attendance at WWE Survivor Series in 2002 in Madison Square Garden. He recently revealed on Twitter that it was at the event that he prophesized that he would be a world champion and generational talent one day.

“Madison square garden. I was there live. I was 7. That was the night I decided I was going to become a world champion and a generational talent.”

However, in true MJF style, he ended by taking a jab at others. MJF corrected the age he mentioned in his first tweet response and felt bad for the grown men that watched every week in their mature age while boosting his own superiority.

“Correction. I was 6. F*ck I feel bad for all the grown men that watch me every week in there 30’s and 40’s that won’t amount to a fraction of the sh*t I have since birth. Sad.”

WWE’s 2002 Survivor Series edition featured the first-ever Elimination Chamber match. The match featured six competitors and saw Shawn Michaels walk away with the win as the new World Heavyweight champion.

MJF on the other hand has been in the mood ever since he dethroned Jon Moxley for the AEW World championship at Full Gear 2022. The sheer display of arrogance and confidence is what The Salt of the Earth has been known for lately.

MJF’s next potential opponent is looking to be Bryan Danielson. The American Dragon has been through all the challenges laid down by MJF over the last weeks and has one last match to go. Should Bryan win this week on Dynamite, he would get MJF for the AEW World championship in a 60-minute Iron Man match.

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