The land of All Elite Wrestling is under the reign of Maxwell Jacob Friedman nowadays. The current AEW World champion has been at another level of sheer arrogance, or should we say confidence, ever since he captured the spot at the top of the mountain. Moreover, he is also famous for his altercation with fans and critics online and this time got caught on video in such a situation at a hotel.

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A new video surfaced on social media where MJF is waiting for the lift at the Lexington hotel. As he walks in, another person tries to enter the lift as well, maybe to greet him but is stopped by Maxwell. MJF further ignited the matter by being not apologetic about it on Twitter.

“Sorry not sorry. Mjf Hyatt Regency Lex KY #MJF #AEW


This is not the first time MJF has shown that he is all about himself. He has continued to show on various occasions that MJF does what MJF wants and does not care about others’ opinions.

MJF has been mainstay for All Elite Wrestling since its inception in 2019. The Salt of the Earth rose to fame with his exceptional promo skills, great in-ring acumen, and ability to attract heat from the audience.

MJF finally claimed the top spot of AEW in November 2022 at Full Gear pay-per-view, when he defeated Jon Moxley to win the AEW World championship. He has been on a great run since then and is not looking to stop anytime soon.

The Devil is currently embroiled in feud with “the American Dragon” Bryan Danielson. Bryan is running through all obstacles in an attempt to get a title match against MJF and potentially end the era of his sheer arrogance.

Do you think MJF’s title run will be at the hands of Bryan Danielson? Sound off in the comments!

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