Vince McMahon was the Chairman of WWE for several years and had the final say in everything that went on in the company for decades. He was not without his fair share of controversies, as many people believe he is a bad human being due to his questionable actions. His new documentary on VICE dropped recently, but ex-WWE talent weren’t featured as talking heads, and it seems there was a good reason for that.

The former WWE Chairman was forced into retirement when a hush money scandal was made public. Vince McMahon was accused of sexual assault, among other things, and that public controversy only continues to this day.

VICE’s documentary on Vince McMahon, ‘The 9 Lives Of Vince McMahon,’ explored the numerous controversies surrounding McMahon. However, many former WWE Superstars weren’t part of the documentary. While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that ex-WWE talent weren’t part of the documentary as they probably didn’t want heat on them after seeing the fallout from the Dark Side Of The Ring episode based on The Plane Ride From Hell.

Where maybe they may not have wanted to be a part of it because the Plane Ride Of Hell documentary got such bad publicity for some of these guys, so that could be a fear there. A lot of people didn’t want to be part of this stuff because they got heat for the Plane Ride For Hell. Or, they know how it affected Flair or they don’t want to be part of something that affects someone they like.


Vince McMahon also wants to return to WWE, but many people are vehemently against it. In fact, WWE talent are much happier without Vince McMahon around. Even Vince McMahon’s business allies don’t want him to come back. Regardless, McMahon’s skeletons have been exposed for the world to see, and things are truly different now.

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