Vince McMahon ruled WWE with an iron first for decades before relinquishing his position in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. The billionaire named daughter Stephanie McMahon and top employee Nick Khan as co-CEO’s of the promotion.

It was recently reported that Vince McMahon intends to make comeback because he allegedly believes he made the wrong decision by retiring from the company he transformed into a sports and entertainment juggernaut. The 77-year-old is facing yet another lawsuit for allegedly assaulting woman.

Sean Sapp provided an update on the reaction within WWE to the reports of Vince’s comeback. Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that WWE talent and staff do not want their former boss to return to Stamford, with some expressing concerns for the stars that were rehired in the wake of Triple H’s takeover.

Fightful immediately heard from numerous staff and talent within WWE. One WWE talent called the news “exhausting,” and was hopeful that Vince McMahon’s WWE tenure was in the rear view, despite them having a positive relationship prior to McMahon leaving. Another said that they were concerned for the talent that got re-hired in the event that Vince McMahon were to return.


A higher up that we spoke to wasn’t nearly as concerned. Said higher up mentioned that the stock price increased, viewership was boosted, and general morale recovered after Vince McMahon left. “It would be a really selfish move for Vince to come back under any circumstances. The reason he left, how business has done since then — it’d be really selfish. But selfish activities are what led to him leaving in the first place.” That source said that they did not believe that Vince would return, despite having voting power within the company.

Fans have started an online petition in order to stop Vince from returning to WWE. One thing’s for certain that the talent is clearly happy under Triple H. The Game has received praise for changing fan perception of the product. It remains to be seen if Vince McMahon will make a comeback. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more.

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Manik Aftab

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