Legado Del Fantasma made their WWE main roster debut on the October 7th edition of SmackDown by attacking Hit Row. Zelina Vega also returned to the company as the fourth member of the group replacing Elektra Lopez. Konnan recently provided his take on the situation.

Konnan appeared on the latest episode of “Keeping it 100” podcast and shared his thoughts on the Vega’s role in Legado Del Fantasma. He said the faction doesn’t need Vega since Escobar speaks good English. However, he did say Vega is a “definite upgrade” from Lopez.

[Escobar] speaks perfect English, not perfect, but he speaks very good English. I don’t think they need Zelina, but she is a definite upgrade over the girl they had before, whoever the hell she was

Konnan then explained why he thinks Vega is an upgrade for LDF. He stated, that she has really good mic skills and has a bold appearance. The former WCW United States Champion wasn’t really fan of her wrestling due to her small size.


Zelina is a good example, because I was never high on her wrestling. She wasn’t physical enough, she’s very small. But she’s real good on the mic and she’s got a great look, and she ain’t afraid to wear really cool s*** and look like a star.

Zelina Vega’s return to the company was last-minute decision. WWE decided to go with Vega instead of Lopez because LDF needed an experienced female wrestler who can take on Hit Row’s B-Fab. We will have to see how the faction is booked in the coming days.

What do you make of WWE reasoning for replacing Elektra Lopez with Zelina Vega? Sound off in the comments section.

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