WWE fans have long complained about the PG rating for their favorite wrestling show. Many who began watching during the raunchy Attitude Era or the edgy Ruthless Aggression Era haven’t been keen on the show going kid-friendly. According to a new report, WWE will soon get a new television rating that could reflect a return to an earlier time.

Many have blamed PG-rated content for declining ratings over the years. There have been pushes within WWE to leave the PG era behind, but thus far, nothing has stuck. As a publicly traded company, shareholder pressure is a huge factor in the type of content the company offers.

Andrew Zarian tweeted today that WWE will soon be moving to a TV-14 rating. That will start with the July 18th broadcast. For many fans, this has been a long time coming.

“Starting July 18th WWE Raw will have a TV-14 rating moving forward on USA Network. The PG Era is over.”

It remains to be seen just how far WWE will push the envelope. It is still a public company that has a fiduciary duty to please sponsors. Still, adding a little spice to the show might increase viewership over time.

It will be very interesting to see how different Monday Night Raw looks this week. A lot of people have been waiting for the end of the PG era since it began in 2008. Time will tell what this change will bring.

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