William Regal is known as one of the most respected names in professional wrestling. When he was let go by WWE, he received an outpouring of support. Regal quickly became a trusted member of the AEW roster, where he frequently works with young wrestlers to make them better.

One of the greatest in-ring performers William Regal ever worked with was Chris Benoit. Benoit’s name has been in the headlines recently after comments made about him by Jordynne Grace and her subsequent apology. On the latest episode of His Lordship’s “Gentleman Villain” podcast, Regal discussed his relationship with Benoit.

Once Chris Benoit got together with Nancy, the future wife that he eventually murdered, Regal’s relationship with him changed. William Regal’s wife would not even allow him into their home. By the 2000s, they barely spoke.

“My wife would not have Chris anywhere near my house. Eventually Chris moved from six miles away from where I lived, once he was with Nancy. Chris knew that he was not allowed near my house, so any of our social life ended then.

We used to knock around with each other in the ’90s, but by the 2000s I wasn’t going out anymore, so when we were back together in WWE, our only time that we were ever together was at work … We still had a, ‘Hello, how’re you doing?’ and that was it, and he understood the situation at my home, that he wasn’t allowed, and because we lived six miles apart, we never saw each other.”

Regal’s wife knew the relationship with Nancy would be troubled. Because of her intuition, she banned him from their house. Ultimately, that may have been a good decision.

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