Jordynne Grace recently made some comments about the in-ring abilities of the late Chris Benoit that left lot of fans and wrestlers upset. Grace said that Benoit would not be able to hang with the wrestlers of today. Something positive has come out of the backlash after Jordynne met with Benoit’s son, David, as well as Chavo Guerrero to discuss the situation.

Grace made a post on Twitter today where she apologized for her words. Jordynne Grace announced that after speaking with David Benoit, Chavo, and Chris Jericho, she has pledged $5,000 to the Concussion Legacy Foundation. Grace said she is aware of the damage she caused, and after reflection, hopes to try and make it right.

“Last week I made an irresponsible and unnecessary tweet. Regardless of how my personal emotions influence my opinion, I should have recognized the impact my words would have on friends and family close to the situation. I was completely thoughtless in that regard.

Since reflecting this past week, I’ve reached out privately to friends and family that I angered or hurt.


Among those was David Benoit, Chavo Guerrero, and Chris Jericho, who are supporting me in the decision to partner and fundraise with the Concussion Legacy Foundation (formerly Sports Legacy Institute). I have pledged $5,000, with the overall campaign goal being $20,000.

I’m acutely aware that the damage has been done. I would never intentionally add onto the suffering of those already dealing with such a traumatic event, and I am sorry for my insensitivity and aggravating this already delicate topic. This is my way of attempting to squeeze something positive out of the negative situation I created. Thank you in advance to everyone who donates.”

Fans who wish to contribute to the fundraiser can do so online. This was one of those rare occurrences in wrestling where maturity and cooler heads prevailed. Time will tell how successful the fundraiser is, but Jordynne Grace showed some character by owning up to her mistake.

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Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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