Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio is a Mexican-American professional wrestler, professional wrestling promoter, sports commentator, and mixed martial artist, currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a commentator. He remains highly controversial figure in the pro wrestling world. Alberto recently revealed his interest in working with AEW, or any other major company for that matter.

The former WWE Superstar recently sat down for an interview with Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston. Alberto Del Rio discussed a number of topics in the interview. He also discussed if All Elite Wrestling has reached out to him.

Del Rio revealed that he would be interested in going to AEW or any major company, as he deserves to be in a major company. He is confident that he deserves to be out there to continue entertaining and to rebuild his legacy in the business. De Rio said that he is yet to speak with anyone from AEW.

I would be interested in going to AEW or any major company as as we were saying a few minutes back I deserve to be in a major company. Once it has been proven that I was always telling the truth about those things I know, I don’t think…. I know I deserve to be out there to continue entertaining and to rebuild my legacy in the business that I love I would love to be in working for any major company. They (AEW)….. I haven’t talked to any anyone in that company. I have talked to people in from other companies, but not from from AEW.


I have really good friends over there like Phil… CM Punk and he is one of my friends in the business and Chris Jericho he was always nice to me and we always had a good relationship while we were workin for WWE. I know all the others and we always got along with Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger and many others from the indy circuit.

Fans are well familiar with Alberto Del Rio’s downfall as former WWE Superstar. Several assault-related accusations were brought against him, but they were ultimately dropped. He also has his sights set on the WWE Hall Of Fame. Check out the latest interview below.

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