WWE is gearing up to welcome back one of its beloved stars who has been sidelined for an extended period.

The spotlight falls on Sonya Deville, who has been out of action since August following debilitating torn ACL injury. Initially projected to endure a hiatus of 9-12 months, Deville’s road to recovery has been marked by both personal and legal milestones.

During her time away from the ring, Deville addressed legal matter concerning a gun charge, wherein she faced allegations of unlawful possession of a handgun without a permit. Additionally, she celebrated a significant personal milestone by tying the knot in picturesque ceremony in New Jersey this past February. The joyous occasion was attended by a constellation of current and former WWE luminaries, adding to the splendor of the event.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer provided an update on Deville’s anticipated return, indicating that she is poised to make her comeback imminently. Deville has reportedly been diligently preparing for her return to action following her knee surgery, signaling her eagerness to resume her WWE journey.


“Deville is expected to be back soon and has been training for her return after knee surgery.”

As the anticipation mounts for Deville’s return, speculation looms regarding her potential involvement in the upcoming Draft, set to kick off on tonight’s episode of SmackDown and continuing through Monday’s Raw. While details remain elusive at this juncture, fans eagerly await Deville’s triumphant return to the WWE fold, where she is poised to make a resounding impact once more.

How do you think Sonya Deville’s return will impact the landscape of WWE? Are you excited to see her back in action? Share your thoughts and predictions for her comeback in the comments below!

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