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Tonight’s SmackDown will feature a pair of tag team matches as the Viking Raiders take on The New Day. Tonight will also see the team of Raquel Rodriguez, Lacey Evans and Shotzi take on the team of Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan and Asuka ahead of the upcoming women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.



SmackDown kicks off with the wrestlers involved in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match all sitting on top of ladders inside of the ring, except for Omos who stands down on the mat. Rollins welcomes the Phoenix, Arizona crowd to SmackDown. Rollins alludes to the upcoming match, where he says that whoever wins should cash in at SummerSlam when Lesnar and Reigns compete in a Last Man Standing match. Riddle interrupts Rollins to insult Roman Reigns as Sami Zayn gets defensive and says that he is in the match to win it for the Bloodline to ensure that Reigns’ championship will be safe. MVP speaks on behalf of Omos to remind everyone that Omos is the odd-on favorite. Sheamus then says that he has already won and cashed in on Roman Reigns. McIntyre then brings up how he’s beaten Lesnar before.

The men in the ring are then interrupted by The Miz who comes out to the ring. Miz reminds McIntyre that he cashed in on Drew McIntyre. Elias’ brother Ezekiel then makes his way out to make his case to be in the ladder match, and then Happy Corbin comes out to do the same, and then Madcap Moss comes out and makes a joke about Corbin embarrassing himself by cashing in again. Everyone out there begins to argue incoherently before Adam Pearce comes out to announce a battle royal with every wrestler out there.

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Battle Royal

The newly-announced battle royal match begins with several wrestlers going after Omos in the middle of the ring. McIntyre throws Miz over the top but Miz rakes the eyes to avoid elimination as he hangs on the apron. Omos throws Ezekiel over the top rope to eliminate him from the match. Madcap Moss then goes after Omos and Omos eliminates Moss and The Miz tries to sneak up from behind and Omos eliminates the Miz too. Omos and McIntyre lock up in the middle of the ring. McIntyre gets a brief advantage before Omos knocks McIntyre down to the mat with a headbutt. Omos stares down Seth Rollins, Rollins looks up at the briefcase, laughs and then hops over the top rope to eliminate himself. Riddle, McIntyre and Sheamus all team up to eliminate Omos from the match.

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The battle royal continues live with Riddle avoiding elimination on the ring apron. McIntyre and Sheamus get involved in an impromptu who can hurt Sami Zayn the most competition where the two take turns attacking Zayn. Riddle runs up behind to hit Sheamus with the bro to sleep. Riddle hits Sheamus with the power slam and then the Orton-style DDT. Sheamus avoids the RKO to shove Riddle over the top rope, and Sheamus hits a running knee to eliminate Riddle from the match. Zayn tries a Helluva kick but McIntyre dodges causing Corbin to be hit with the move. Sheamus goes for a Brogue kick but McIntyre hits a Glasgow kiss. McIntyre hits Zayn with a claymore and then eliminates him over the top. McIntyre goes to eliminate Sheamus but Corbin sneaks up to eliminate both McIntyre and Sheamus to win the match.

Winner: Happy Corbin

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The New Day vs Viking Raiders

Before the bell rings to officially begin the match, Erik and Ivar use their viking shields to attack Kingston and Woods. The Viking Raiders take out both of them and go to leave the ring but stop and go back. They hit a double powerbomb to Kingston and leave the ring as the scheduled match does not take place.

We cut backstage to various hopeful Money in the Bank ladder match participants all arguing. Adam Pearce makes it official, a fatal 4 way match to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match between The Miz, Happy Corbin, Ezekiel and Madcap Moss.

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Raquel Rodriguez, Lacey Evans and Shotzi vs Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan and Asuka

Before our six-woman tag team match begins, Becky Lynch makes her way out to the ring. Lynch says that she is the biggest threat in the Money in the Bank ladder match and she will be watching the match from the commentary table for her entertainment.

The match officially begins with Asuka and Shotzi. Asuka backs shotzi to the corner with a series of kicks and Evans tags in the match. The two lock up and Evans Irish whips Asuka to the corner and Rodriguez tags in. Rodriguez goes for a powerbomb but Asuka escapes and hits a kick to the head and Bliss tags in. Rodriguez slams Bliss into the corner and hits a corner splash. Rodriguez hits a shoulder tackle but Bliss avoids the big boot and tags Morgan in. Morgan goes for the quick cover for the two count. Morgan hits a huricanrana and Shotzi makes the blind tag to attack Morgan from behind. Bliss tags in and sends Shotzi to the corner. Shotzi and Evans argue with each other outside the ring and Morgan takes them both out with a dive.

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The match continues live with Rodriguez hitting Asuka with a lariat. Bliss tags in and she hits kicks to Rodriguez’s legs to bring her down to the mat. Bliss dives off the top but Rodriguez catches her in mid air. Shotzi makes the blind tag and covers Bliss for a two count. Shotzi locks in a Boston crab, Bliss eventually rolls through and kicks Shotzi off her and tags Asuka in. Shotzi hits an enziguri and Asuka immediately follows with a German suplex. Morgan tags in and chaos breaks out with every wrestler in the ring before Shotzi is the last one standing. Morgan sneaks up to hit the Oblivion and covers for the three count.

Winners: Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan and Asuka

Backstage Sonya Deville approaching Adam Pearce. Deville tells Pearce that she made a formal complaint to WWE management about Pearce and then Deville slaps Pearce right across the face, knocking his glasses to the ground.

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SmackDown returns with The Usos and the Street Profits together for a “Ask them anything” segment. The first question is asked to The Usos: “How fearful are you of losing your titles” Jimmy Uso mocks the question even being asked, Jey says they are confident and they run all the shows. Ford laughs and says Reigns runs the show, not them. The Street Profits are asked if they have lost their killer instinct and if it’s true they are not getting along. Dawkins takes offense to the question and says Ford is a brother to him. Ford says they have always had that killer instinct and always will. The Usos and The Street Profits leave their respective podiums and stand right in front of each other and Kayla Braxton flees from the ring. The two scream at each other but do not fight each other, saving it for the match at Money in the Bank.

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SmackDown returns with the introduction of Max Dupri as he is set to announce his first model to be his client. Dupri officially introduces his first model, Mace, formerly of Retribution. Mace makes his way down the red carpet to the ring dressed in high fashion as cameras continuously flash taking pictures of him. Dupri then introduces the rebranded Mansoor who comes out as Dupri’s newest model.

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The Miz vs Madcap Moss vs Ezekiel vs Happy Corbin

Our main event fatal 4 way Money in the Bank qualifying match begins with Corbin and Ezekiel in one corner and Miz and Moss fighting in the opposite corner. Moss and Ezekiel take out their respective opponents and lock up in the center of the ring. Corbin rolls back in the ring to attack Moss from behind. Corbin hits a running lariat to the corner and then hits a lariat to Miz. Ezekiel knocks Corbin over the barricade and Moss and Ezekiel slam Miz off the announce table. Corbin then chokeslams Ezekiel to the announce table which unfortunately does not break.

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The match continues live with Moss hitting a big shoulder tackle to Miz. Moss covers but Corbin breaks it up at two. Moss hits Corbin with the punchline and covers but Ezekiel runs in to break it up at two. Miz hits Moss with a running knee and makes the cover for a two count. Miz hits the Bryan Danielson style kicks after staring down the camera. Miz covers Moss but Corbin is there to break it up. Corbin hits Miz with the deep six and covers but Miz kicks out at two. Miz hits the skull crushing finale and covers Ezekiel but Corbin pulls Miz out of the ring. Corbin hits the end of days but Moss runs in to throw Corbin out of the ring and Moss makes the cover on Ezekiel for the three count.

Winner: Madcap Moss

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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