Maria Kanellis recently expressed her excitement about the Ring of Honor women’s division being in the hands of Tony Khan. Maria is hopeful that Khan can land a TV or streaming deal for her former promotion. Kanellis was instrumental in building the ROH women’s roster.

Maria quote tweeted Ringside News tweet regarding Khan’s booking of ROH. Kanellis noted that she expects a lot. Tony Khan is more than willing to talk to Maria about her thoughts.

During the post-show media scrum at the recent Supercard of Honor PPV, Tony talked about a possible role for Maria with his newly-acquired company. Khan said he would be excited to talk to her. He thinks he could learn a thing or two from the veteran.

“I would be excited to talk to Maria, and depending on what she did backstage, I don’t know exactly. For example, during the matches, was she on the headset? I don’t know exactly, is she a note-taking producer?


I am not sure, it’s stuff I will maybe learn from her. As far as the creative and stuff, I do have a plan which I think unfolded throughout the night, and played out pretty well. So, I had a lot of ideas, and I am always down to take ideas from other people.”

Tony Khan has been criticized for the way he has handled the AEW women’s division. An additional advisory voice certainly couldn’t hurt. Maria has been involved in pro wrestling for many years. It might be a good idea to have an ROH veteran give some input.

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