Kimber Lee has made some serious accusations about her husband Nash Carter. Accusing him of physically assaulting her while saying that he also emotionally manipulated her, Kimber Lee took to Twitter with photos of herself with a split lip. The situation has now taken an unexpected turn.

Wes Lee’s wife, who is called Queen E. Marie on Twitter, called Kimber Lee out. She accused Lee of having a complete meltdown about Carter, even going as far as saying that her accusations are unsubstantiated.

Marie revealed in a series of tweets that Nash Carter had been living with her and his tag-team partner Wes Lee for months. She added that it was the mental abuse that Kimber Lee was putting him through in the first place that led him to start avoiding her.

Queen E. Marie also made a tweet asking her followers if she should make a post giving Kimber Lee an ultimatum to reveal the truth. The proof, as per Marie’s post, will come out whether or not Kimber Lee posts it. Lee has also accused Marie of harassing her, which would let her to further oppose her, she believed.


Marie let out the lethal blow by revealing that Nash served Kimber Lee with divorce papers on Monday. She accused Lee of acting out of spite and causing all this outrage. She added that as an over-reaction, she ripped apart all the original Nash’s wrestling posters.

Y’all… @Kimber_Lee90 got served divorce papers by Nash on Monday. He’s been done with her. She’s mad that this is all happening so she’s turning to Twitter because she’s outraged that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. It really is that simple…

And let me not forget to mention that when she got served those papers she was so upset that she ripped up ALL of Nashs’ posters (one of a kind ones with other wrestlers’ signatures, etc). This is a case of an enraged soon-to-be ex-wife who feels she’s entitled to alimony…

Kimber Lee’s case is continuously getting weaker. Marie posted screenshot of her profile being blocked by Kimber Lee while saying that Lee is trying to stop her from releasing the real truth. Nash Carter has been released by WWE, so a great deal of damage is already done. This is a developing situation, so stay tuned for more.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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