Update: Wes Lee’s wife has since come forward to call out Kimber Lee’s allegations as false. Nash Carter has still not commented on this situation.

Original: IMPACT star Kimber Lee has accused her husband, NXT Tag Team Champion Nash Carter, of physically abusing her while he was drunk. She took to Twitter to detail how she experienced the abuse and how Carter justified it.

Lee said in a tweet that Carter “got wasted and hit me so hard he split my lip open.” The IMPACT star then said that Carter told that because she is a wrestler, she’s marked up. She revealed that she’d forgiven him, but is unable to hide the NXT star’s deed anymore.

Nash Carter apparently told Kimber Lee that she’s “always marked” because she’s a wrestler. Now she’s not hiding it anymore.


Hey @WWENXT this is my face after your tag champ @NashCarterWWE got wasted and hit me so hard he split my lip open. He told me I’m a wrestler so I’m always marked up. I’ve hid this for a year and even forgave him. But I can’t hide it anymore.

Kimber Lee posted two photos in which her lip appears swollen while there’s bruising on her upper lip and her cheek. There is clear indication that she had been hit.

Lee followed it up with another tweet, saying that these photos are the proof that her followers had been asking for. She alleged Carter of feeding her lies so that she would not open up about the instances of violence.

You all wanted the proof. There it is. I’m sorry I backed out but he was telling me lies all weekend to get me to not say anything.

The IMPACT star had fired up a rant about Carter’s alleged abuse last week, though she ended up removing these tweets. She even tweeted about “being harassed over the phone” for 12 hours, and even told her fans to feel shame over how they are treating her for more details, who is a victim of “emotional and mental abuse.”

We will continue monitoring this ongoing story here at Ringside News. If you, or anyone you know, is dealing with an abusive situation, please contact the National Abuse Hotline at 800-799-7233.

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