Cody Rhodes returned to WWE last night at WrestleMania 38. Cody squared off against Seth Rollins in solid 20-minute match that saw him deliver three Cross Rhodes and a Bionic Elbow to the Monday Night Messiah.

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Cody sat down with Ariel Helwani of BT Sports to talk about his gimmick in the WWE. It is worth mentioning that the former AEW star returned to the WWE as the American Nightmare and not as Stardust.

Cody was never fond of the Stardust gimmick in the first place and reiterated his dislike for the character on more than one occasion. He told Helwani he requested the WWE that he never wanted to hear about the gimmick again.


“There wasn’t any true guarantees but there was a request. I never want to see Stardust ever again!”

It seems that WWE have honored his request as Stardust can no longer be seen on the company’s list of superstars. Cody, on the other hand, is now part of the active roster list.

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