Mikey Rukus is no stranger to wrestling fans. Rukus is well-known for his work with professional wrestlers and mixed martial artists. He’s the music producer for Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling right now.

Fightful Select recently wrapped up some of their AEW music scoops for the week. They have learned some details behind a recent licensing agreement. AEW Music Producer Mikey Rukus said the company was able to license the Extreme library that holds the Hardy Boyz and Holly cousins theme.

We were able to confirm that AEW and Rukus have license the Extreme library that houses the Hardy Boyz and Holly cousins theme. However, the use is just for AEW, and they would need a separate license to use themes for Ring of Honor. Rukus tells Fightful they have to get permission to remix songs, and if talent wants to bring their own music that ultimately the buck stops with Tony Khan.

It appears that the license will allow the use of those music in AEW and not ROH. ROH would require separate licensing to be able to use those themes. Rukus even had to refer several talent directly to Tony Khan to get some music clearances.


Rukus also needs permission if he wants to remix songs for new entrances. We’ll have to see what kind of music Rukus has to compose next, but he very well might have to work fast in the future as well.

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