Tony Khan went from having nothing planned for WrestleMania weekend to having to run a pay-per-view. The AEW boss recently bought Ring of Honor. Khan will present Supercard of Honor on Friday night in Dallas.

Several AEW wrestlers will find themselves busy in Texas that week. Jon Moxley has several appearances and matches during the big week. Khan himself prefers not to piggyback on WWE’s event.

Brian Cage recently talked about Tony Khan’s preferences for WrestleMania week with GV Wire. Cage said he fought for exclusivity in his AEW contract so he could keep doing independents. Even still, he said Khan would rather they not work shows in Dallas this weekend.

“Oh dang (the CVC card show in Fresno, CA), that’s WrestleMania week,’ but actually, because of the AEW contract, we’re actually not…[Tony Khan] would rather us not doing anything WrestleMania weekend because he wants AEW not to be affiliated…everything happens WrestleMania weekend around WWE.


He doesn’t want anyone to look like AEW is beneath WWE. Technically, I had a bunch of stuff I could have done out there, but I can’t do it.”

After the ROH show on Friday, fans can expect Tony Khan to stay out of WWE’s lane during future WrestleMania weeks. The show was scheduled long before Khan took ownership of the promotion. Tony simply wanted to honor the commitments made by his latest acquisition.

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