Mikey Rukus, the world’s leading creator of customized walkout music and theme music for MMA fighters and businesses, is constantly creating. Since joining AEW in May 2019, Rukus has been creating themes for the company’s stars. Starting with Nyla Rose’s entrance theme, Rukus has created entrance themes for Adam Cole, Ricky Starks, Sting, and others.

Rukus has put together Who We Are: A Celebration of Excellence, which will be available on February 18th, in collaboration with members of the AEW roster and other creators. In an interview with Slam Wrestling he said spoke about the project.

“I was looking for different ways to be innovative, and wanted to give as much of an expansive experience and audio experience to the fans as possible. This wasn’t just about writing theme music and sending it up and then waiting for the next call about writing theme music”.

Through hip-hop and R&B collaborations between the wrestlers and established music artists, the album will tell the stories of more than 20 of AEW’s Black wrestlers.


“We wanted to tell their personal stories, as much as they were comfortable sharing. Each song is like a 30 for 30 special wrapped up into song form for each of the talents. Some of them had been waiting to opportunity for something like this for a long time.”

The album Who We Are: A Celebration of Excellence isn’t Rukus’ only project; he also revealed that an AEW symphony album is in the works for 2020. “Currently, I’m working on an AEW symphony album, where we’re doing symphonic arrangements of some of the more popular theme songs. We have some great surprises coming up in 2022,” he added.

The Who We Are album will feature many wrestlers. Wrestlers like Jade Cargill, Red Velvet, The Acclaimed, Scorpio Sky, Will Hobbs will be in the album. It will also feature artists like Mega Ran, Righetous Reg, Will Washington, and Josiah Williams.

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