Gangrel was one of the superstars of WWE’s infamous attitude era. The vampire warrior got his start on the independents with Luna Vachon and rose to become the leader of The Brood. Edge and Christian both cut their teeth in WWE as members of the spooky group with Gangrel.

Gangrel discussed the intricacies of how he was able to own the trademark to his name after spending a few years with the WWE on the latest edition of his podcast Fangin N Bangin. During his time as Gangrel, the former Brood member also complained about WWE being hit with lawsuits.

Gangrel was brought back to do an anniversary RAW or a battle royal and he did that. The next morning lawsuits from a different company came knocking. Then it went to court and the judge, and he pretty much took the gavel and hammered it down.

Because Gangrel was a clan, not a vampire but a vampire clan, but whatever. I had to portray the character for all this time. But still, you couldn’t use it in certain ways, and WWE kind of abandoned all hope on that name, they just pressed it to the side. Somewhere in the process, there were some things that weren’t filled, and I ended up getting the rights to Gangrel.


Its trademark is registered everywhere for sports entertainment, clothing lines, action figures, for whatever. I have it now, I have the trademark registry to Gangrel. I think stuff like that pisses Vince McMahon off personally and in a corporate sense. To avoid all of that, they just give people their own names, they just messed up on that one.

They don’t want you to take what they’ve spent three years investing, which is kind of crappy on their part but it’s just business, and go somewhere else. They want you to have to go change your name. It’s just a business thing for them. I gotta stay on it and keep filing things.

Gangrel went on to discuss his trademark and how WWE was able to acquire the rights to his entrance theme after he left WWE. On his approach to the ring to meet Seth Rollins at SummerSlam last year, Edge came out to The Brood’s entrance song.

When Gangrel made his SummerSlam entrance, he explained how it cost him an appearance in AEW. Last year, the former WWE superstar commented about Edge’s use of The Brood’s song and the circumstances behind why they were allowed to do so. Check out the podcast episode below.

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