Brock Lesnar decided to surprise Jackass star Wee Man ahead of the Royal Rumble. As we previously reported, The Beast picked up the Jackass star and slammed him through the wood table, shattering glass and possibly Wee Man’s back.

PW Insider has now pitched in an update regarding the incident with Brock Lesnar and Wee-Man last night. The clip was picked up by TMZ overnight, so it’ll likely wind up being used to advertise Knoxville’s flick.

They were told that was not an incident that was designed to promote the film, just something that sort of “ending up happening” as everyone was enjoying their late night evening. The hotel bar wasn’t thrilled about in the moment.

The WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, is in Missouri for the Royal Rumble. On Saturday night, he’ll face his opponent Bobby Lashley at The Dome at America’s Center. The fight between Lesnar and Lashley isn’t the only one worth the bucks.

Roman Reigns will face Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch will face Doudrop, and a plethora of other Superstars will be in attendance. The good news is that “Wee Man,” aka Jason Acuna, is alright. Perhaps just a tad painful.

Keep an eye on Ringside News for more.

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