King Xavier Woods has been inseparable from both his title as well as his team, The New Day. King Woods has been with former WWE Champion Big E & Kofi Kingston for many years, and their friendship is only getting stronger with time.

Woods, aka Austin Creed talked about his undying friendship with Big E and Kofi Kingston in an interview with AllHipHop. When he was asked about their collective stint of success as Big E became the WWE champion, Kofi had Kofi Mania and Woods became the King of the Ring, Woods said that their togetherness is not a gimmick for the fans.

It’s been incredible because it’s not a gimmick or a thing just for the cameras. So, when they have moments of success, it feels like success for me. So, when Kofi won the title it felt like I won the title, and that’s my brother, that’s real. And it’s funny because we were talking about this the other day, the three of us, and just reiterating this point when one of us succeeds the other ones feel good. And I was like, “What is that?” And E was like, “I think that’s love, that’s what that is.” It’s just genuine, you feel happy that your friends are happy.

The WWE superstar added that wrestling is one of the few places where male camaraderie is a real thing. Woods also criticized people being toxic and bickering amongst each other, as this is not how The New Day operates.


So, there’s really no reason that we would ever, ever want to do something like that. It doesn’t make any sense. And it’s cool that in wrestling you can see just a genuine, healthy, male relationship and it’s not just a bunch of just toxic dudes just yelling and screaming over leather and metal. Yeah, championships are important, you get more money when you’re champion. You get fame, you get a fortune, but also the championship isn’t going to call you when you’re 80 and you’re not moving around too well to talk about the good times.

In the interview, Woods addressed many other important issues such the impact that New Day has made in wrestling, black representation in pro-wrestling and how he got Mega Ran to do his entrance music in WWE. Check out the interview here.

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