Xavier Woods capped off a dream by winning the King of the Ring tournament at this year’s Crown Jewel event. He has taken the royal gimmick on with his full self, even knighting Kofi Kingston. Woods plans on making his mark on the title for as long as he’s king.

Already sporting a custom cape and jacket to support his role as king, Xavier recently teased a new, custom crown. He told fans who are expecting the new gear to be patient. Woods talked about the crown and his reign on Out of Character with Ryan Satin.

“First off, my cape is custom. It’s very nice. We debuted the new gear on SmackDown, the custom cape and custom jacket. As far as a custom crown, be patient. The saying goes, ‘if you give the kids the cake all at once, they’re going to get sick and they’ll never want it again.’ Piece by piece, slice by slice, until the cake is gone and as soon as the last piece is eaten, what do they want more of? Cake. We feed them slow around these parts. We have a year.” 

After using the New Day theme as his entrance music, Woods debuted his very own theme song on Friday Night SmackDown. He talked the fact that even before joining the New Day, he’s never had his own theme. It was always recycled from somebody else.


“I haven’t had my own theme music, ever. For people who think I’m joking; when I first came up, I came up with R-Truth, just like I did elsewhere. Then, I somehow stole Brodus Clay’s music, which was Ernest Miller’s music before him and I think someone before that. Then, I was in New Day. Since I’ve been on the main roster, I’ve never once had my own theme music.”

Xavier woods beat Jimmy Uso on SmackDown before a confrontation with Roman Reigns. Reigns interfered as Woods tried to force Uso to bend the knee to his king. The Bloodline ended the show triumphantly standing over the beaten New Day.

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Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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