WWE will make history with this year’s women’s Royal Rumble. Vince McMahon’s promotion has opened the forbidden door. Impact Knockouts Champion Mickie James will compete in the match. WWE even acknowledged her as the Impact champion on television and social media. Fans can expect just about anything from this year’s Rumble.

One thing that WWE did not expect to do was use women from NXT for the Royal Rumble match. On the latest Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez discussed what he’s heard on the matter. Things could change given the lack of depth on the WWE main roster.

“Well, all I was told… And you know, when you’re told something by WWE, it’s like… You can report it, but what you’re told yesterday is not the same as what actually happens often.

But, I was told that they didn’t want to use a lot of NXT women. That’s probably changed by now as they have eleven women remaining. And, we’re already down to the Kelly Kellys and et. cetera, so…”


There will probably be some NXT talent in the women’s Royal Rumble. The numbers just don’t add up otherwise. Of course, WWE could be planning on bringing in more outsiders. The NXT option is far more likely.

The WWE Royal Rumble premium live event takes place on Saturday, January 29, 2022. The WWE Universe is always excited to see what big surprises the company has in store. We’ll see on the 29th if they end up using any NXT talent on the show.

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