Pro wrestling fans already have a ton of podcasts to choose from, and now a new podcast has arrived on the scene. On January 4, Diamond Dallas Page and Jake Roberts will debut their new podcast DDP Snakepit. The podcast will be part of the Conrad Thompson network of podcasts.

During Page’s wrestling career, Roberts was a mentor to him. Page has also aided Roberts in his personal life over the years. Page shared their experiences and tales together to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso.

“Me and Jake have so many years together and memories and stories, and we think people are going to get a lot out of this. Now, initially, I didn’t want to do a podcast. There are just so many out there. Then Jake said to me, ‘I know you won’t do one. But do one with me.’ I said I’d do it on one condition, and that’s if we got Conrad Thompson. He’s built something special, and I really respect him for it. So since Connie’s in, we’re going to do it.”

Page believes that every episode will delight people while also providing new information. People will have an understanding of how wrestlers truly think. Everyone will witness a new side of wrestling.


Something truly remarkable is promised to happen on the night when they are all together. Roberts is presently contracted with AEW and is paired with Lance Archer. Due to an issue stemming from neck injury, Archer has been off the air since November.

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